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I have always had a passion for music and enjoy taking the opportunity to be creative with music videos and live sessions

Music Videos

COMING SOON! A new music video with Iranian pop star Rezza Pahlevaniqomi for his upcoming single, 'Roozmaregi' which will be released worldwide. Visually this will be one of the most exciting music videos I've made to date.
Sing Beneath the Sun is a predominantly performance-based music video with a subtle nod to the history of the north during the industrial period at the start of the 20th century.
We took a trip out to surprise view in the Peak District where the musicians played next to old quarry walls and millstones.
Cranni is an ex-convict who is turning his life around through music. The video features him in a studio playing with a band, alongside a storyline where he chases his future self around town.
International Teachers of Pop are a group from Sheffield formed from an array of other bands in the area.
Maxine Peake stars in this quirky trip-fest.
SHEAFS are a punchy band from Sheffield whose tracks are favoured by BBC Radio 6's Steve Lamacq. This is a simple performance-based video I made very early on in my career.
Moonlandingz featuring Fath White Family's Singer, Lias Saoudi. This is a very simple video based around a long one-shot intercut with a second angle filmed on a phone. This was low budget filmmaking at it's best.


Hudson Records like to do regular session recordings with artists when they come in to town.
Here Hannah Read performs a track in Sheffield's City
Hall Ballroom. 
Exposed Sessions was an online feature that accompanied an article about a new band every month in a local free magazine. These sessions were a great chance to play with interesting lighting and camera angles.
Featuring Steel City Rhythm.
Exposed Sessions with October Drift.

Mini Docs

Apricot Ballroom is a disco, jazz and groove night in Sheffield that bases itself on the infamous New York Loft Parties of past. Here the organisers talk about why they love what they do.
'Drop' was a film about the Bassline music scene which emerged in the north of England in the early naughties. It was a scene filled with controversy and police attention which ultimately lead to it's downfall.
This is a short promotional film to go along with the debut album of Cranni van Vessem.
We wanted to make a Behind the Scenes style piece that was shot with a cinematic style and told the inspiration behind his writing.
Dig Deep is a series that I've been working on with the Black Beacon Sound label. They invite DJ's down to their record store to fix, select and play a mix from their collection. I make a promo teaser to go alongside a boiler room-style hour-long mix.
Dig Deep presents Wow & Flutter.


Tuesday Club is one of Sheffield's biggest electronic club nights bringing in major acts from around the UK. This was one example of the many videos we used to do for the night.
Threshold is one of Liverpool's biggest independent music festival and I made a promotional video for one of their stages.
This is actually a promo for a food market but they have such a focus on live music that I felt it appropriate to have it here.

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